VAKT adds another participant to the fast-growing post trade ecosystem 

Posted on:
January 24, 2022

VAKT adds another participant to the fast-growing post trade ecosystem 

Monday, January 24, 2022

VAKT today announces that AmSpec has joined the platform.

This is an important milestone since it means that traders can now communicate global inspection nominations to AmSpec, and AmSpec can return the results, all within the VAKT environment. AmSpec join a growing list of trading companies and ecosystem participants active on VAKT. 

AmSpec will offer VAKT participants access to timely, immutable inspection data and better oversight of their positions, and will benefit from a fully digitised, standardised nominations process.

VAKT has successfully delivered an easier, less manual way to manage barges logistics in the Northwest European barge markets, where volumes are increasing each month. With the technology proven here, the platform is expanding into new global markets and services, helping our customers to bring efficiencies to their wider operations.   

Etienne Amic, CEO, VAKT said:  

“I am happy to welcome AmSpec to the VAKT platform. The VAKT team has been working hard to include more participants in the delivery ecosystem, with surveyors an important part of that. AmSpec's customers will now be able to send inspection nominations to AmSpec via the VAKT Inspector API, and AmSpec will be able to send the results back through the same Inspector API, and onwards to the customers' ETRM, all with the highest available security protections. By migrating email-based data exchange to our APIs, our clients reduce data errors, the costs of such errors, and the administrative burden on their employees. AmSpec recognise the part that technology plays in delivering a first-class customer experience and we are pleased to support that.”

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