Accurate Trade Capture,
Optimised Cash Flow.

Automate your business. A vSure integration allows you to seamlessly validate your trade entries with your counterparty. Improve your data accuracy, decrease disputes and gain better financing.

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See How VAKT Can Improve Your Business

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best in class
trade capture

- Capable of processing all physical oil trades

- Any discrepancy between counterparties is immediately flagged

- Can handle trade terms as well as demurrage and GT & Cs (over 100 fields in total)

The best trading tools

Improved back and middle-office performance

- Removes invoice errors

- Shortens time to payment

- Reduces manual processing

- Ensures correct data across the enterprise

The best trading tools

financing process

- All required trade details can be shared directly with finance providers, including documents

The best security standards

The strongest available security standards

- VAKT is ISO 27001 certified

- Multi-layer security and encryption

Not integrated with vSure?

You can still recap securely and quickly with vSure users.
Your vSure enabled counterpart can invite you to vSureLite and you will be able
to see all the trades you have conducted with integrated vSure
users. vSureLite can be used to review the trade details held by your
counterparty for affirmation or amendment.

VAKT is trusted by the trading and banking industries

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