Bureau Veritas joins the VAKT network

Posted on:
March 1, 2022

Bureau Veritas joins the VAKT network

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Bureau Veritas, a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services, has joined the VAKT platform.

With Bureau Veritas confirmed as a member, we are pleased to be able to broaden our inspection management service.

As a web3 company, one of VAKT’s intentions is to deliver to our customers more control of their data, ensuring complete privacy through our privately permissioned network.

Bureau Veritas will offer VAKT participants access to timely, immutable inspection data and better oversight of their positions, and will benefit from a fully digitised, standardised nominations process.

Etienne Amic, CEO, VAKT said:

“It is a pleasure to welcome Bureau Veritas, an innovative leader in commodity inspection services, as the latest addition to the VAKT platform. We have been working closely with BV over the past few months and we believe that they are well equipped to help the industry transition to fully digitised ‘actuals’ through the VAKT Inspection API, i.e.  flowing back inspection results on cargoes (Quantities & Qualities) to their trading clients seamlessly. We are looking forward to their active involvement in the VAKT ecosystem and to helping them achieve mutually beneficial data exchanges with their partners.”

Nathalie Pousin, Senior Vice-President, Head of Commodities Global Service Line at Bureau Veritas, added:

“Thanks to our commodities expertise and knowledge, we help our clients at all levels of the supply chain make informed decisions based on calculated risk and quality. By joining VAKT, and leveraging on their blockchain-enabled

platform, we will contribute with other partners to bring enhanced traceability to Trades. This illustrates Bureau Veritas’ mission: Shaping a World of Trust.”

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