Eliminate trade data capture
errors with vSure

Trade data capture errors cost you time and money. The process of post-trade transaction is rooted in the past. It is complicated, paper-based and can diminish the value of your trade. vSure solves this problem by integrating with your existing platforms, allowing you to seamlessly reconcile trades with your counterpart in a way that is secure, private and tamper-proof.

Maximise value from every trade with a more efficient lifecycle that instantly identifies trade capture errors and improves your bottom line.


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vSure uses blockchain technology to create a multi-layered secure and encrypted single digital record where parties can view, agree on and record all of the details at each stage of the trade from booking to delivery. Ensure that your ETRM data is accurate without endless phone calls, emails and other manual exchanges.


Digitising commodity trading with a secure, automated data exchange removes the element of human error that has proven costly to businesses and modernises the post-trading commodities market, resulting in an easier to manage trading lifecycle.


By streamlining and automating your post-trade data capture, vSure reduces the time spent on each trade, allowing you to concentrate on other trading opportunities, increase profitability and maintain trust with your partners with a seamless post-trade process.

Putting you in control

vSure automates the detection of trade entry errors, highlighting them immediately after they occur.

Trade entry errors can prove costly, and they occur frequently.vSure protects you from these trade entry errors, making hedging, contract management, and invoicing more accurate and efficient.

That keeps P&L and cashflow strong, helping you to finance more trades.

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We make logistics simple

Your world couldn’t get any more complicated. vLogistics is here to host, standardise and streamline logistics processes by creating one source of logistics truth and one system to which all partners can input.

vLogistics is intuitive. It’s easy to set up and plan vessel movements and share them with your partners to agree and put into action. vLogistics can also be used to digitise paper- based trade records. There’s no need to manually input logistics data, and once that data is stored, it’s permanent and indelible.

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operational risk

Bring the benefits of technology to your business.

A VAKT integration connects you directly with your customers for fast, secure sharing of operations data and documents.

Improve your customer experience, reduce your operational risk.

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Standardise your reference data

The VAKT Products Database (VPD) brings a new level of descriptive accuracy to your traded grades reference data.

Developed in partnership with SGS, VPD lists every grade of refined product, and crude oil, and provides detailed quality specifications of each.

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