Digitise your customer experience, reduce operational risk

Bring the benefits of technology to your business.

A VAKT integration connects you directly with your customers for fast, secure sharing of operations data and documents.

Improve your customer experience, reduce your operational risk.

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Optimise for progress

A VAKT connection helps your terminal to run as efficiently as possible. Nominations are received directly to your chosen software in a standardised form, and if there are changes to existing nominations, those are clearly highlighted. With vessel arrivals clear and uncomplicated, you are free to optimise your terminal to ensure maximum occupancy rates.

Secure data exchange

Prevent incorrect data entry.

Reduce your administrative costs: link the software containing actualised loading and discharge data with your customers trade management software.

Blockchain technology guarantees security when communicating sensitive data.

Standardised, digital nominations

Never miss a nomination. Establish a direct link between your customer service department system and your customers.

Reduce processing time and errors.

Changes are clearly and immediately communicated.

All documentation stored in one place for easy access whenever needed.

Improve your customer service

Oil companies favour communication over VAKT and will welcome your decision to integrate.

By using VAKT you are adding a point of differentiation from your competitors.

The strongest available security

With near-real-time, secure updates of the state of any movement, coming direct from its source, you can act fast and respond the impact of any change.

ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27017:2015 certified.


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