Standardise your reference data

The VAKT Products Database (VPD) brings a new level of descriptive accuracy to your traded grades reference data.

Developed in partnership with SGS, VPD lists every grade of refined product and crude oil, provides detailed quality specifications of each, and names all grades uniquely.

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Unique nomenclature

By capturing the specifications of every type of oil liquid, and naming each grade uniquely, you can be confident that your reference data objectively reflects what has been traded.

No more duplicate reference data.

No more ambiguity.

Extensive coverage

Approximately 3,140 grades included, covering:

• Petrochemicals
• Light and middle distillates
• Residuals
• Base oil and lubes
• Biofuels
• Sustainable aviation fuel
• Crudes and condensates

Constantly up to date

By developing and maintaining VPD with SGS, the database always reflects every traded grade, globally.

Updates are frequent, so you never need to manually maintain a grades database again.

Communicate accurately

Internal systems and trading counterparties use different nomenclature to refer to the same grade.

By replacing your products database with VPD, or mapping to it, you can be confident that when communicating a grade within your organisation, or with your fellow VPD users, that the name of a grade means the same thing, every time.


VPD can be used to reflect any unique products that you trade.

By listing a product’s specifications, those specifications can be codified into your VPD database, and added as a new unique grade.


We can’t wait to show you VPD in action.

Schedule a meeting with us and we’ll demonstrate how  VPD can sanitise and bring complete accuracy to your traded grades reference data.

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