VAKT creates a single source of truth for commodity transactions.

VAKT helps you work with your trade partners, including terminals and inspectors, to create an accurate record of every physical oil trade, and to operate that trade, so that you are sure it will deliver exactly what was agreed, when agreed, every time.

VAKT builds trust in the data and between partners. Where there is trust, progress is fast, and effort, time and cost are all reduced. Trust results in being able to manage more trading opportunities, and increased profitability, with the same resources.

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Putting you in control

With vSure behind you, you are free to focus on the trades that demand your attention.

vSure automates the recap and confirmation of any physical waterborne oil trade, so you can manage by exception.

vSure protects you from discrepancy and disagreement, making contract management, hedging, and invoicing more efficient. That keeps cashflow strong, helping you to finance more trades.

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We make logistics simple

Your world couldn’t get any more complicated.

vLogistics is here to centralise, standardise and streamline logistics processes by creating one source of logistics truth and one system to which all trade partners can input.

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operational risk

Bring the benefits of technology to your business.

A VAKT integration connects you directly with your customers for fast, secure sharing of operations data and documents.

Improve your customer experience, reduce your operational risk.

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By using blockchain we have created a single digital record where all of the details and stages of a trade can be agreed, recorded and seen, securely, by trading partners.

This means partners can clearly see opportunities to improve trades in real time and avoid or mitigate potential risks.

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“After successfully integrating BP systems with VAKT, we are now using VAKT for our European diesel and gas oil business. We believe in the future vision of this technology and, with the platform successfully proven, will continue to expand across other products benches.

Using the VAKT platform enables our Operations team to digitise previously manual data exchange, creating efficiencies and providing timely and accurate data for BP systems and teams.”


"VAKT helps our Operations team to maximise their potential by removing the need for time consuming, repetitive tasks, while ensuring the traceability of correct and immutable data."


We can’t wait to show you VPD in action.

Schedule a meeting with us and we’ll demonstrate how  VPD can sanitise and bring complete accuracy to your traded grades reference data.

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Working at VAKT is a unique opportunity to develop one of the world’s first and only live, enterprise blockchain platforms.

With offices in London and Lisbon, a career at VAKT is a chance to work on cutting-edge technology in a diverse, vibrant, and fast-paced culture.

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