Post-Trade Management

The commodity markets are stuck in the past, whereas financial markets have modernised and digitised. The post-trade processes of physically traded commodities have remained slow, manual and paper-based. VAKT aims to change this.

What is Blockchain?

Our vision is to digitise the global commodities trading industry, creating a secure, trusted ecosystem, powered by blockchain, smart contracts and machine learning.  

VAKT will be the digital backbone of the global commodities trading industry, formalising or simplifying existing workflows, interfacing with a broad ecosystem of industry participants and digitally representing the physical world. We focus on contracts, all aspects of logistics, invoicing data and settlements.

Our Story

We’re building an ecosystem, from traders and brokers to terminals, inspection companies and trade finance banks & platforms. Any party involved in the process of physical commodity trading stands to benefit from processes which are quicker, more accurate and more secure.

Our goal is to help physical commodity markets become seamless and low-cost by bringing together all stakeholders on a single platform that is efficient, tamper-proof and clear.

Our Investors

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About Us

Our goal is to make the market more efficient by bringing together all stakeholders in a single system that is well-designed, tamper-proof and adapted to commodity operators.

Unlike other solutions focused on a narrow piece of the deal lifecycle, VAKT aims to transform the full post-trade lifecycle, becoming the single source of truth for the trading parties and the ecosystem participants: terminals, surveyors, agents, ship owners, brokers, banks, etc.

Deal Recap and Confirmation

Immediate mutual agreement on the commercial details of the trade in an immutable fashion will eliminate the need for constant reconciliation during the lifecycle and prevent discrepancies at the point of invoicing. It also paves the way to move the industry toward master agreements and confirmations rather than GT&Cs and customised contracts.

Trade Finance

VAKT’s integration with trade finance banks and platforms will allow the trading parties to more easily and quickly access Letters of Credit; this will smooth the amendment and management process, removing costs for buyers.


Digital nominations to trading parties, surveyors and terminals with actualised figures and timestamps will bring more transparency, security and efficiency to the operational tasks associated with logistics.

Invoice Data

VAKT will allow for the components of invoicing data to be agreed on the platform without the need for costly reconciliation of discrepancies and disputes.
Dates, quantities, specifications and escalators will be centrally available.

Meet Our Team


Etienne Amic

Etienne Amic

Frances Dean

Frances Dean

Bart Bream

Bart Bream

Stephanie Trabia

Stephanie Trabia

Richard James

Richard James



We are a Global Team


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Our Technology

Blockchain technology is a radically different approach to creating, maintaining and sharing data records. By design, it is immutable, tamper-proof and removes the need for any form of central record-keeper. It is ideal for scenarios where multiple counterparties need to access and add to a trusted single source of truth whilst preserving the privacy of their transactions – such as post-trade commodities processing.

Post-trade commodities processing suffers from slow, complicated paper-based processes that are subject to loss, delay and error. VAKT provides access to a fully-digital process that is inherently secure, immutable and private.

Our Platform is:

Underpinned by Blockchain

  • Blockchain has been designed to give algorithmic guarantees of immutability and tamper resistance  
  • A record of truth is written to the ledger creating an immutable audit trail

Private, permissioned, distributed

  • Identity and security are federated: access to sensitive data is only available in the customer cloud infrastructure, shared directly between counterparties when relevant
  • VAKT has no default access to sensitive customer data, which is fully encrypted

Enterprise - First

  • Built with robustness and operability in mind
  • Combining blockchain with stable tried and tested enterprise-grade technology based in the cloud

VAKT for Terminals

Digitise your customer experience, reduce operational risk

Bring the benefits of technology to your business.

A VAKT integration connects you directly with your customers for fast, secure sharing of operations data and documents. Improve your customer experience, reduce your operational risk.

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November 2018: VAKT Goes Live with World First Enterprise-grade Blockchain Platform

LONDON – NOVEMBER 29, 2018 – VAKT, the company re-imagining commodity post-trade processing underpinned by blockchain, has launched its platform in its first market. Participants in ...
November 29, 2018

January 2019: VAKT Adds Chevron, Total S.A. and Reliance Industries as Investors

LONDON – January 16, 2018, – VAKT, the company re-imagining commodity post-trade processing underpinned by blockchain, today announces investment from three new strategic investors: Chevron, Total ...
January 16, 2019

VAKT ecosystem expands commodities inspection services with Intertek

VAKT, the company re-imagining commodity post-trade processing underpinned by blockchain, has partnered with leading total quality assurance provider, Intertek, to bring its first-class commodity....
April 8, 2020

VAKT adds commodities inspection services to ecosystem with SGS partnership

VAKT, the company re-imagining commodity post-trade processing underpinned by blockchain, welcomes SGS as the first inspection company to join the platform. SGS will integrate its ...
March 11, 2020

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures makes $5m investment into VAKT and joins platform

LONDON – January 28th, 2020 – VAKT, the company re-imagining commodity post-trade processing underpinned by blockchain, welcomes Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV) as its latest ...
January 28, 2020

Work with us

Working at VAKT is a unique opportunity to develop one of the world’s first and only live, truly-enterprise platforms underpinned by blockchain. With offices in London and Lisbon, a career at VAKT is a chance to work on genuinely cutting-edge technology in a diverse, vibrant and fast-paced start-up culture.  

We are expanding rapidly, building new functionality and entering new markets and always looking for the right people to help us do even more, even faster. Take a look at some of our current opportunities below.  

QA Automation Engineer

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

DevOps Engineer

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Friday, November 26, 2021

QA Automation Engineer

Posted On
Tuesday, November 16, 2021
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DevOps Engineer

Posted On
Friday, November 26, 2021
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